CPP & Classic Trucks: Week to Wicked!

Week to Wicked


Classic Trucks Magazine Week to Wicked is back, and so is the crew from Classic Performance Products, Inc. (CPP) to assist in another week long wicked build. Gandrud Performance Parts provided a 502 ci big-block Connect & Cruise package, LMC Truck supplied a brightened 1972 Chevy C10 short-wide, and the stock Chevy C10 suspension and brakes were ready to be overhauled for an all-in-one street performance package, complete with steering, brakes, & suspension from CPP. Keep an eye out for this wicked C10, as it will be featured on display at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and the keys will be handed over to one lucky winner during the C10 Nationals 2019 at the Texas Motor Speedway! Follow the week long build progress, as the crews work together to turn this dated short-wide into one wicked ride!



The stock C-10 was already brightened with paint, bodywork, and interior, leaving Day 1 teardown to prep the C-10 for all new CPP steering, brakes, and suspension. Installation of CPP's 13" Big Brake Kit with Modular 2.5" Drop Spindles, C-10 Deluxe Chassis Upgrade Kit, and 500 Series Power Steering box were already making big gains by the day's end.


CPP and the crew make more progress on Day 2, bending and plumbing the brake lines for the CPP 13" Front / 12" Rear Big Brake Kits that are hydraulically assisted by CPP's Complete Hydrastop Street Beast System. The 502 ci big-block gets dressed with an aluminum S-Drive pulley system, and the CPP Big-Block fabricated engine perches with Polyplus engine mounts get ready to set the engine nicely on the frame. Digital gauges get prepped in the dash before the CPP Classic Fit C-10 Steering Column bolts in, while the "wood" bed floor and rear fender wells also get installed.


The C-10 is starting to look whole again by the end of Day 3, as the 502 ci big-block backed by a 4L85E transmission securely find it's new home thanks to CPP's Big-Block Engine Pedestals, Polyplus Engine Mounts, and Totally Tubular Transmission Crossmember. More attention is directed to the engine bay as CPP's new Midnite Series aluminum master cylinder gets bench bled and mounted to the CPP Hydrastop Street Beast Hydraulic Assist Unit, while the EFI system and wiring get ran and connected. The CPP Classic Fit Tilt Steering Column for Chevy Trucks bolts directly in and a CPP Collapsible Steering Shaft combo with rag-joint and Midnite Series Steering Shaft U-joint couples it cleanly to the CPP 500 Series Power Steering Box.


The crew stays on schedule on Day 4, as details get dialed in from the engine bay to the undercarriage. More wiring and connections for the EFI fuel system are made, and plumbing for the radiator and exhaust system get attention before the C-10 can plant all four corners of its new Dual-Adjustable Coil-over Suspension firmly (and much lower) to the pavement. An E-Stopp Electrical Parking Brake System gets tucked away and frame mounted to keep clear of any drivetrain, exhaust components, or any obstacles on the road.


The last day of the build is in the books! Final connections of the fuel system were made, A/C system installed, exterior lights wired, and wheels and tires were mounted before the truck was back together and on the ground. After the fluids were filled and a few "adjustments," the 502 fired up. The big-block roared to life, but with rare weather for Southern California air, rain poured down as lightning and thunder roared back. Unfortunately out of typical Week to Wicked fashion, friday night burnouts are reserved for another day, or.... for the new lucky winner of this C-10 Nationals giveaway truck! Will it be you? More details at: C10Nationals.com

CPP & Hot Rod: Week to Wicked!



Classic Trucks Magazine: Week to Wicked 1972 Chevy C-10

Photography and video coverage has been provided for use with permission courtesy of Hot Rod Network, a division of Motor Trend Group.

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